On the 17th of June, the school organized a belated celebration of “World Environment Day.” The students, teachers and administrators were all asked to maintain a dress code of green and this was greatly observed and respected. The morning went by quite normally, there was teaching and studying and the real activity started in the afternoon where the elementary school, middle school and high school scholars all participated in gracing and adorning our school compound with beautiful trees of various types.

The beautiful event went on smoothly and tirelessly and we ended the day with a very lively basketball match against Kingsway High School.

Through activities such as afforestation, reforestation and go-green campaigns, we are taking care of God’s creation and fighting the very dangerous effects of global warming. I would like to urge you to not only practice the planting of trees in school, but also wherever you stay, visit, worship, etc., because a little can go a very long way!

Angu’bua Jonathan Divine, Grade 9

One thought on “Tree Planting”

  1. I sincerely appreciate the good stewardship spirit that Word of Life International is instilling in our children at a young age. They are more likely to carry on with such virtues into adult life and this will make the world a better place. If all human beings were such good stewards wherever we are, we would conserve nature and ensure sustainable use of natural resources for the next generations including our children and their children. I highly applaud Jonathan Divine Angu’bua and Word of Life for the good example shared in this article.

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