To be honest, my first impression on career week was far from optimistic. The thought of taking three whole days off regular school to discuss our career paths with our teachers and parents did not sit well with me. After all, at the time, I already knew with absolute certainty what I wanted to be; a surgeon, period. Little did I know that I had a whole lot to learn concerning how difficult it is to find a career that suits you as well as one that has you eager to wake up at 5am daily!

During the three day course, I learnt that there is a lot that goes into discovering not only the perfect career but also, your calling. On the first day we took simply test to identify our gifts as well as personalities and what careers usually fit well with our personalities. Mrs. Oliech, our supervisor, had to remind me again and again that the test was simply a general representation of possible careers that align with our personalities. Even so I was dumbfounded that upon looking at my list, there was nothing surgery related! I did however learn a great deal about my personality through this test. After this, we had a teacher’s panel during which a group of 5 of our teachers, Tr. Sylvia, Tr. Denis, Tr. Phoebe, Tr. Isaac, and Tr. Edward shared with us their captivating and in some cases comical journeys to becoming teachers. You won’t believe my surprise when I found out that I have a lawyer for a teacher!

On the next day, we were glad to have our parents join us. First, the parents took personality tests of their own and thereafter, we had a one-on-one. During this we discussed a major reason why people might collide and get into arguments so often with one another; it may simply be because our personalities! Later in the day, we had the privilege of listening to Victoria and IHSU Universities speak to us concerning the degrees they offer. To most students’ dismay, our parents were actually considering sending us to Ugandan Universities! We later learned however that they are not that bad! Most have sufficient facilities, accommodation, and are affordable for our parents.

On our final day of career week, we listened to one other university present, Uganda Christian University, which I thought is the best university in Uganda. Not many other students agreed, but hey, it’s just my opinion. Having heard from over 3 Ugandan universities, we had another one-on-one session with our parents which for me were very productive. This one-on-one, in particular was a goal setting session, during which we made plans for our futures in terms of completing high school, getting into a good college, and finally, achieving our dream careers. Finally, at the end of the day, some of our parents treated us to their journeys to their current work positions. Believe it or not, all of the parents on the panel are not at present in the career they had wanted at a younger age! It made me second guess whether I’ll actually end up as a surgeon. We were however encouraged to stay open-minded throughout the course, because anything can happen! I could become president!

By Ethel Nimusiima

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